Welcome to our website dedicated to the Opera World!

We do start this project with three most popular web activities, but plan to add more and more other various aspects through the first year of run.

Right now you are welcome –

to enjoy our first general OPERA QUIZ with large amount of questions about different sites of the Opera. The questions are differ from each other by theme and difficulty,but  the number of questions is growing daily and soon the general OPERA QUIZ will be splited to several levels of thematic quizzes.

Come back daily to play the quiz and do not miss the new quizzes start. We find that one option of our quizzes could be interesting for you – make your own quizz questions, which will be published on the page YOUR QUIZ with personal credits to the authors. If you feel the necessity to share your quiz questions, please go to the CONTACT US/MAKE YOUR QUIZ page, read the rules, fill in the required fields and send your quiz! After the short moderation period (usually two-three days) your questions, including your name, will be added to the YOUR QUIZ.

On January 22, 2015 we started the NEW page – QUIZ OF THE DAY. Visit this page and enjoy the everyday new quizzes in diverse styles!

VOTE-FOR ME– to share your opinion with us and your friends by voting for your favorites in our OPERA POLLS desk! You may vote each poll once a day through the whole year 2015, watch the voting progress in real-time and meet the final results on the first day of  year 2016.

Above these long-time running polls there will be soon weekly polls on the sidebar to vote for current occasions.

We will notify you about all news if you are a member or if you follow our page on Facebook, otherwise come back regulary to watch the changes!


eventsscanto be up-to-date with operatic history visiting the page EVENTS. We do start this service with the birthdays of opera composers and soon will add more events like World Premiere dates, opera singers, conductors, directors, designers birthdays and each day you visit page EVENTS will give you new ideas to talk about with your firends!

The website has free public access, but we recommend you to sign-up to create an account because some upcoming futures will be available only for members.

The website has not any possibilities for discussions, but if you like you are very welcome to our Facebook page with any thoughts about opera or its personalities!

We wish you a very HAPPY NEW 2015 YEAR and hope that MYOPERAWORLD.COM will become your daily place to enjoy the challenging in quizzes or just relax after hard working day.